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Selection process

All our appointments for roles are based on merit—the successful applicant will be the most 'meritorious' applicant.

We use various selection techniques to determine the most suitable person for the role, including:

  • written applications
  • interviews
  • ability/work tests
  • pre-employment screening
  • referee checks.

The process

Shortlisting from applications

The written application is the first stage in the selection process.

Once we receive all applications, we shortlist applicants for interviews based on abilities, aptitude, skills, qualifications, knowledge, experience and personal qualities relevant to the role.


The interview is our primary selection technique. During an interview, you can demonstrate that you have the greatest overall merit to succeed in the position.

We may conduct interviews over the phone.

Usually we contact shortlisted applicants at least 48 hours before an interview and send a follow-up email requesting confirmation.

The panel will try to meet any special requirements you need to attend an interview.

If you have any reasonable adjustment requirements, tell the contact person before your interview. EWOQ is an equal employment opportunity employer and will consider any requests that can be reasonably met.

Pre-employment screening

We conduct pre-employment screening for recommended applicants.

Therefore, shortlisted applicants must complete:

  • a disclosure of any serious disciplinary action
  • an ‘authority to conduct pre-employment checks’ form to consent to pre- employment screening.

Screening may include checks of:

  • identity
  • criminal history
  • educational qualifications
  • employment history
  • professional memberships
  • any mandatory requirements.

We may also check your online presence, including internet searches and social media applications.

We destroy any screening documentation that doesn’t proceed to the processing stage.

If you choose not to consent to these checks, you will no longer be considered for the role.

Note: A criminal conviction or charge doesn’t automatically exclude you from consideration. We give you a chance to respond and then consider your response in the evaluation process.

Read more about the information you need to disclose to us.

Referee checks

The selection panel can seek referee checks at any stage of the recruitment and selection process.

We ask referees for information to help us assess your suitability, including your job performance, behaviour, disciplinary history and attendance.

Please inform your referees that we may contact them.

Adverse information

During the recruitment and selection process, we may become aware of information about you that could negatively affect your chance of being selected for the role.

If this occurs, we tell you about the information and give you 14 days to respond.

We then document your response and consider it when making a final recommendation.

If we don’t receive a response within 14 days, we make a decision without your response.

Our decision

After completing the recruitment and selection process, the selection panel recommends an applicant to the Ombudsman for appointment.

Once approved by the Ombudsman, we contact the successful applicant to offer the role and then email all other applicants to inform them of the outcome.

After the successful applicant accepts the role, we send them an appointment letter and overview of the position, salary and probation periods.

Note: You may negotiate the increment level of your salary classification at either the interview or appointment stage.

Getting feedback

Feedback is available to all applicants upon request.

You can seek feedback on applications or interviews through the contact person on the position description.

The feedback is based on our assessment of your merit against the assessment criteria.

Appealing an appointment

EWOQ employees

If you’re a temporary or permanent EWOQ employee and believe you have genuine grounds for a complaint about the application of the recruitment and selection policy and guidelines, you can may lodge a complaint in line with our Customer and scheme participants feedback procedure.

External applicants

External applicants are unable to appeal an appointment.

If you have a complaint about the recruitment process, email

Access to your information

We use personal information that we collect during the recruitment and selection process to assess an applicant’s suitability for a position or positions under Chapter 5 of the Public Service Act 2008.

All information submitted by an applicant for a vacancy is subject to the:

As a result, information you submit may be subject to release under the relevant Act if requested.

Contact our Right to Information/Privacy Coordinator on 1800 662 837 if you have questions about these Acts or their effect on information you provide.