Making an RTI application

You may be able to access EWOQ information through the:

However, if the information isn’t available, you can apply formally under the Right to Information Act 2009.

Before you apply, contact us to discuss your request.

How to apply

To apply, complete this application form.

Make sure you provide:

  • an address where we can contact you about our decision
  • enough information so we can identify the documents you’re requesting.

Send your application to the Right to Information & Information Privacy Coordinator, Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland, via:

  • post: PO Box 3640, South Brisbane BC Qld 4101
  • email: RTI&
  • fax: (07) 3087 9477.

Fees and charges

The application fee is $51.70. This fee can’t be waived.

We may also charge:

  • a processing charge for finding the documents and doing the work needed to make a decision
  • an access charge for providing the documents.

The processing charge is:

  • nil—if we spend less than 5 hours processing your application
  • $8 per 15 minutes or less—if we spend more than 5 hours processing your application.

If we spend more than 5 hours processing, the charge will apply to every hour. For example, if processing takes 6 hours, you’re charged for each of those hours.

Contact us before sending us any payment.

Time frame

We may take up to 25 business days to decide on your application.  If we need to check with a third party, we may take an extra 10 business days.

Other requirements may also take extra time, but we’ll let you know if that happens.

Requesting an internal review

If you’re unsatisfied with the information we provide, you can request a review of an RTI decision.

Contact us for more information about this.


Right to Information & Information Privacy – Intake Officer, Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland: