Making an information privacy application

The Information Privacy Act 2009 outlines how we handle personal information that we request, collect, use and disclose.

It also allows you to apply to amend a document that contains your personal information if that information is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading.

For more about information privacy, visit the Office of the Information Commissioner website.

Before you complete an application, contact us to discuss it. You may be able to access the information through the administrative access scheme.

How to apply

To apply, complete this application form.

Make sure you provide:

  • an address where we can contact you about our decision
  • enough information so we can identify the documents you’re requesting.

Send your application to the Right to Information & Information Privacy Coordinator, Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland via:

Fees and charges

There is no fee for applying to:

  • access documents that contain your personal information
  • amend your personal information in a document.

Time frame

We may take up to 25 business days to decide on your application. If we need to check with a third party, we may take an extra 10 business days.

Other requirements may also take extra time, but we’ll let you know if that happens.

Requesting an internal review

If you’re unsatisfied with the information we provide, you can request a review of an information privacy decision.

Contact us for more information about this.

Complaints about privacy breaches

If you believe that we’ve breached your privacy in some way, you can make a complaint.

Find out how we help with complaints about privacy breaches in our information privacy plan.

Our information privacy plan contains our obligations for collecting, managing, using, storing and disclosing personal information.

Read more about how we manage your privacy in our privacy plan.


Right to Information & Information Privacy – Intake Officer, Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland: