Complaint statistics

Total cases registered per month 2020-2021

Month Total cases
July 2020 520
August 2020464
September 2020537
October 2020485
November 2020500
December 2020406
January 2021 -
February 2021-
March 2021 -
April 2021 -
May 2021-
June 2021-

Total cases closed – FYTD at 31 December 2020

Case issueDescriptionTotal
Billing High/disputed bills, delays, errors, estimated accounts, fees & charges, rebates/concessions, tariff, meters, refunds, etc. 1,267
Credit Payment difficulties, disconnection, bad debt, etc. 313
Customer service Failure to inform/respond, incorrect advice, poor attitude/service, privacy issues, etc 229
Land Impact of network assets, maintenance, vegetation management, etc. 64
Marketing Conduct of energy marketers, misleading information, pressure, non-account holder signed up, etc. 12
Provision Problems with new or existing energy connections, etc. 241
Supply Quality of energy supply, damage/loss, outage, etc. 57
Transfer Error in billing/transfer of account due to switching retailers, contract terms, delay in transfer, site ownership, etc. 61
Other Customer issues that do not fall into the above categories 40
Referral Customer is referred to other organisation 343
General enquiry General enquiries for information 287
Total 2914

Note: All case issues other than 'Referrals' and 'General enquiries' include a combination of 'Referral to Higher Levels', 'Refer back to suppliers', and 'Investigations'.

Total cases closed per month 2020-2021

Month Total cases
July 2020511
August 2020441
September 2020         579
October 2020 478
November 2020499
December 2020406
January 2021-
February 2021-
March 2021-
April 2021-
May 2021-
June 2021-

Previous years

Further historical complaints date available on the Open Data Portal.