Administrative access scheme

The administrative access scheme is a streamlined way for us to give access to information.

It’s easier and quicker than the formal right to information (RTI) or information privacy application process.

Where possible, we release information under this scheme.

Anyone can apply for information, but there’s no guarantee they’ll get access. Generally, applicants use this scheme to access their personal information.

You can’t request a review of a decision under the administrative access scheme. However, if you’re unsatisfied with a decision, you can:

Information you can access

You can use the administrative access scheme to apply for access to:

  • all documents you’ve supplied to us
  • all documents we’ve sent to you
  • documents that are publicly available.


There is no fee for applying through administrative access, but we may charge a fee for copying or providing the information.

Applying for administrative access

You can apply in writing, by email, over the phone or in person at one of our offices (please note our offices are open by appointment only).

If you submit a hard copy application, include your full name, signature, contact details and details about the information you’re requesting.

If you apply over the phone or in person, we’ll ask you some questions to confirm your identity.

We may decline your application if it doesn’t meet the requirements or is unreasonable, such as a request for very large amounts of information or information we’ve already provided.


Right to Information & Information Privacy – Intake Officer, Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland: