Customer surveys

We value feedback from our customers. We regularly survey all customers who’ve contacted us with a problem that we’ve either referred to a higher level in their energy or water provider or investigated ourselves.

If you’re invited to take part, we’d love your feedback and encourage you to participate.

How we invite you

You will receive an email inviting you to take part.

The survey should take no more than 8–10 minutes to complete via a link in the email.

How your feedback helps

This survey is completely voluntary and you’re not obligated to participate.

However, your feedback will help us improve our services to customers like you who’ve had difficulties with electricity, gas and water supply companies in Queensland.

Specifically, it may improve:

  • how we handle complaints
  • the information we give customers about our complaints process
  • our skills in talking with customers about their complaints
  • how much we consider all relevant information in cases.

Anonymity and confidentiality

Any feedback you provide in the survey is strictly confidential—no individuals will be identified.

Therefore, we encourage you to be open and honest.

Withdrawing from the survey

To withdraw from the survey, email This ensures you won’t be contacted for future surveys if you raise another issue with us.

Publishing the results

We may publish summary survey results on this website, on social media, in our annual report or to other external parties.

Any information we publish won’t be able to be used to identify individual survey respondents and would contain only combined data.