Complaints we can help with

EWOQ helps Queenslanders work out problems with their electricity, gas and water providers.

However, there are some complaints we can’t help with because other organisations help with those. Here you’ll find a list of complaints we can and can’t help you with.

There are also other complaint bodies in Queensland and Australia that may be able to help you.

Complaints we can help you with

  • Billing issues, including high bills, delayed or late bills, errors, estimated meter readings, rebates and concessions, tariffs and refunds
  • Bursts, leaks, blockages and overflows, such as excess water charges from an undetected leak, damage or loss, action taken or not taken about blockages and overflows
  • Contract issues, including changing providers, cancellations, cooling-off periods (but not disputes about contract terms and conditions, such as pricing, fees and charges, etc.)
  • Customer service, including incorrect or misleading information, unprofessional behaviour, privacy breaches, lack of contact or communication
  • Damages and loss – first submit and complete the claim process with your retailer
  • Default listings, including compliance with the Credit Reporting Code for defaults listed after 1 January 2016
  • Disconnection issues
  • Marketing, such as misleading or incorrect information, problems with their telemarketers or salespeople
  • New and existing connection problems
  • Payment difficulties, including payment plans, debt collectors, credit issues, default listings
  • Supply quality and reliability, including planned and unplanned outages
  • Vegetation management, including tree pruning or clearing near powerlines, and maintenance obligations and responsibilities
  • Electricity bills that you receive from your body corporate or that don’t have a National Meter Identifier (NMI) on it, if you live in an apartment or residential complex
  • National energy laws and how they’ll affect you
  • Body corporate decisions about your embedded network
  • Problems you can’t resolve with your embedded network provider

Complaints we can’t help you with

We can’t help with complaints about:

  • your provider if you haven’t contacted them first to try to fix the problem
  • a problem if it’s been more than 12 months since you became aware of it
  • problems the Ombudsman considers frivolous or vexatious
  • decisions the Ombudsman or a legal proceeding has already made
  • problems the Australian Energy Regulator or Queensland Competition Authority help with.

There are a some problems that we can’t help with but someone else can. Find out who to contact about these:

 Complaint relating toGo to
ElectricityElectricity use by small businesses customers of more than 160 megawatt hours per yearYour retailer
 Air conditioners, hot water systems and home electrician services, solar systems offered by electricity retailersOffice of Fair Trading

The price of energy or other costs, including your contribution to capital works

Australian Energy Regulator
 High electricity bill due to carbon taxAustralian Competition and Consumer Commission
 If you’re building a new home and need to pay for power to the site, and have a complaint about this cost or the quote.Australian Energy Regulator
GasGas use of more than 1 terajoule per yearYour retailer
 Bottled LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)Office of Fair Trading
 Bulk hot water – If you live in an apartment or residential complex and receive a bill for the amount of hot water you use (which may be called bulk hot water) and have a complaint about this bill.Office of Fair Trading
WaterWater complaints outside City of Gold Coast, Logan City Council, Redland City Council, Queensland Urban Utilities or UnitywaterQueensland Ombudsman
 Large water customers (use of more than 100 kilolitres per year)Your retailer
 Metered standpipes, raw water supplies, trade waste, stormwater harvesting or standalone recycled waterYour retailer
 Water bills from body corporateContact your body corporate or, if unresolved, the Office of the Commissioner of Body Corporate and Community Management
 Water bills from your landlordResidential Tenancies Authority
Other issuesDefault listings more than 12 months after you become aware of itOffice of the Australian Information Commissioner
 Living in a retirement village or caravan park and you pay electricity or gas through your rent or site feesAustralian Energy Regulator

Solar installation – faulty solar panels, misleading information on how much electricity your solar system could generate or paid for a solar system and haven’t received it in reasonable time.

Office of Fair Trading