Annual Report 2019-20

Read our 2019-20 annual report


About EWOQ

Read the highlights of 2019-2020 and the welcome from the Ombudsman and Advisory Council Chair. Find out about our role, priorities and strategic direction.

Our service

Read about our dispute resolution process, an update on our 2019-2020 projects and find out more about systemic issues and where our customers are located.

Our performance

Read about our performance against our service standards and our strategic plan, time taken to resolve complaints and our case types and referrals.

Our connections

Read about our connections, including community outreach, peer networks, our contribution to public policy and Reconciliation Action Plan achievements.

Our governance

Our corporate governance framework guides how we manage our business, minimise risks ad meet our legislative obligations.

Our people

A look at our workforce profile, flexible working arrangements, learning and development, workplace diversity and employee achievement and recognition.

Our cases

Read all about our electricity, water and gas case figures and issues from 2019-2020, including top issues, case types and cases related to COVID-19.

Our finances

Read our financial summary, financial statements and Independent Auditor's Report.


Appendices of the 2019-2020 annual report - data, advisory council, compliance checklist, glossary and list of scheme participants.

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