Queenslanders to receive another cost of living rebate on electricity bills

The Queensland Government has announced a Cost of Living Rebate for Queensland electricity customers.

How much is the Cost of Living Rebate?

There are two rebates that have been announced:

  1. $700 for vulnerable households who receive the existing Queensland Electricity Rebate.

    The Cost of Living Rebate is in addition to the $372 Queensland Electricity Rebate, bringing the total rebate on electricity bills for vulnerable households to $1,072. You can visit the Queensland Government website’s page on the Queensland Electricity Rebate Scheme to find out if you’re eligible.

  2. $550 for all other Queensland households.

How will you receive your rebate?

For most households, the rebate will be automatically credited to electricity bills on a quarterly basis commencing from July 2023. When the rebate is applied will depend on the billing cycle of your electricity provider.

If your electricity is provided by an on-supply arrangement, such as an embedded network, or by card-operated meter, how you receive your rebate may change. You can visit the Queensland Government’s website page on the Cost of Living Rebate for full eligibility and payment information.

Still worried about the cost of your power bill?

With the cost of living on the rise, you may still be worried about the high cost of your electricity bill. Here are some tips and trick you can follow to keep the costs down.

If you think you will have trouble paying your electricity bill, contact your electricity provider. You might be able to:

  • ask for a payment plan
  • find out if you’re eligible for any rebates or concessions, such as the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme (HEEAS)
  • get access to a financial hardship program
  • get information about financial counselling
  • ask for an audit to see where you can save money on electricity.

If you can’t agree on a solution with your provider, contact us to see if we can help.