How to access energy and water rebates and concessions

Many Queenslanders are facing higher energy and water bills at a time when cost of living pressures are making it harder to keep on top of these bills. Find out more about what rebates, concessions and other support measures are available to energy and water consumers.

Are you eligible for a rebate or concession?

Queensland’s Energy and Water Ombudsman Jane Pires said many eligible consumers may be missing out on rebates and concessions they are entitled to because they don’t know about them or they need to inform their provider to access these benefits.

"For electricity, if you hold a Queensland Seniors Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Veteran’s Affairs Card, Asylum Seekers Card or Commonwealth Health Care Card (HCC) you may be eligible for a rebate applied on each bill,” Ms Pires said.

"Gas rebates are available to those holding a Asylum Seekers Card, Queensland Government Seniors Card or a Queensland Pensioner Concession Card, while water rebates apply to eligible pensioners in South East Queensland who hold either a Queensland Pensioner Concession Card or Gold Card.

“You’ll need to talk to your provider and ask them to check your eligibility and apply the rebate to your account.

“A common issue we see at the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland is a rebate or concession that hasn’t been applied correctly – in some cases for many years – so be sure to check the rebate appears as a credit against the charges on the bill.”

Support options if you have difficulty paying

Another option for those experiencing a crisis or an unforeseen emergency is a one-off assistance payment called the Home Energy Assistance Scheme (HEEAS).

“To apply for HEEAS assistance, contact your electricity provider who can give you further information and send you an application,” Ms Pires said.

“Energy and water providers can also help by setting up payment plans based on a customer’s usage and ability to pay and provide access to energy and water saving information. Your provider’s customer assist or hardship team will be able to discuss the options available.”

To check if your eligible for a rebate or concession and to see if it's correctly applied to your bill, contact your provider. If you've spoken to them and you still need help resolving your rebate or concession issue, submit a complaint online or call 1800 662 837,

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