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Embedded networks

The rules about embedded networks are under review in Queensland. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has revised its Retail Exempt Selling Guideline and Electricity Network Service Provider – Registration Exemption Guideline.

The Queensland Government is considering changes to allow EWOQ membership for exemption holders and to provide access to exempt customers. While we are currently unable to investigate complaints from embedded network customers, we may be able to do so in the future. 

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If you are an exemption holder or applying for an exemption from the AER and would like to talk to us about any issues, please call us on 1800 662 837. 

What is an embedded network?

Most people purchase electricity directly from a licensed energy retailer, but some Queenslanders receive their electricity from a privately owned energy network, called an embedded network.

Embedded networks are common in retirement villages, apartment blocks, caravan parks and shopping centres. At these sites, the electrical wiring is configured so the owner of the premises purchases electricity from the grid and on-sells it to the tenant or resident.

Most people who on-sell energy to an embedded network are called exempt sellers. The AER has allowed these entities to be exempt from holding a retail authorisation as energy retailers.

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