The Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ) is a free, fair and independent dispute resolution service for unresolved complaints with your electricity, gas or water supplier. Before you contact EWOQ with your complaint, you must first try to resolve the problem with your electricty, gas or water company.
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Organisational structure

Our teams are our greatest strength.

They apply diverse skills and experience to deliver outcomes to the Queensland communities. They are professional, approachable and results driven.

EWOQ has several teams who work under the leadership of the Energy and Water Ombudsman:

Assessment, Investigation and Resolution

This team has four functions under our legislation :

  • Intake and assessment of complaints
  • Complaint investigations
  • Systemic issues reporting
  • Outreach and stakeholder engagement

The team is supported by:

Intake and assessment officers—our dispute resolution frontline team, who receive and assess enquiries and complaints

Investigation and conciliation officers—our dispute resolution team, who receive, investigate and facilitate the resolution of complaints and disputes by agreement, negotiation, mediation or conciliation between parties.

Team leaders—our team leaders each lead and manage the officers responsible for receiving, assessing, investigating and conciliating complaints. They also provide high level advice and investigate more complex disputes.

Strategy, Operations and Governance

This team provides financial management, corporate support processing services, strategic advice and core reporting and data analysis deliverables, and policy and research activities, both internal and external.

They also partner with the Corporate Administration Agency (CAA) to provide technical support and strategic advice to EWOQ about our ICT processes.

Communications and Engagement

This team supports the achievement of EWOQ's strategic objectives through:

  • strategic communication and engagement solutions
  • organisational culture and development initiatives.

People, Capability and Culture

This team manages and implements strategic human resource initiatives that support EWOQ’s vision and objectives.

They provide strategic and operational human resource advice and services across EWOQ, including:

  • organisational culture
  • learning and development
  • employee relations
  • capability development
  • employee performance
  • organisational change
  • human resources compliance and processes
  • recruitment and selection
  • establishment
  • other projects such as health and wellbeing, and innovation.