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Connecting at a new property


If you need to arrange a new connection to your property, or change your existing connection (for example, by moving it or increasing its capacity) you can contact your energy retailer or distributor or electrical contractor. Your distributor is the company who owns and maintains the pipelines which deliver gas to your premises.

If your distributor needs to design and build you a new connection, they will provide you with a connection offer. The offer will set out the cost of the works and any terms and conditions of the offer. If you have a complaint regarding your connection offer which you are unable to resolve with your gas business directly, the Australian Energy Regulator may be able to assist you.

It’s a good idea to begin the process well in advance, as the time it will take to connect your property will depend on the type and complexity of the connection.


Establishing an account

To open an account, choose a retailer and a market or standard contract.

Once your account has been established, your retailer will submit a service order to the energy distributor to commence your connection.

Your contractor/fitter needs to submit a ‘Form 2’ to the energy distributor to commence your connection.

Your energy distributor will receive and match the service order from your retailer and the Form 2 from your contractor/fitter to commence field work to connect your supply.

Allow up to three weeks from your distributor receiving both forms for the connection to be completed.


Avoiding delays

Ensure you have the right forms and they are filled out correctly. Incorrect information on your form can set you back several weeks.

Sometimes delays in connection occur because of mix ups with addresses. Make sure that your retailer has the correct, full address of the property that requires connection. It is recommended that you use the council plan to get the correct address. Delays are also caused when people give their current address details instead of the address where the new connection is required.

Plan for and allow time to ensure the building site is ready for the connection works to occur. Consider things such as safety at the site, network upgrades that might be required, access to the site, the site is ready for the distributor to complete works, or traffic control measures might be required.

Don’t forget to allow time for the connection forms to be processed.

Sometimes delays will be outside of your control, like bad weather or the work done by the contractor/fitter does not meet the distributor’s requirements.