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Energy price comparators

Further information:

There are a number of separate elements that can be included in electricity pricing, such as the price for electricity used, network charges and service charges. If you are comparing prices, make sure you check what has been included and what is excluded from your offer.

All energy retailers who offer a market contract set their own 'market' prices. You should compare these prices against the Queensland Government's regulated price.

The electricity you use is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) or megawatt-hours (MWh). A unit price is the price per kWh or MWh. This is how you will be able to compare prices from different retailers against the Queensland Government's regulated price. Check your recent bills to see how much energy you usually consume - and don't forget you may use more or less electricity in summer or winter.

The Australian Energy Regulator provides a price comparator so you can compare energy prices offered by various Queensland energy retailers. The price comparator can be accessed at their website Energy Made Easy. The AER also educates consumers and small businesses about their energy rights on this website.




Some commercial websites offer energy contract comparison and switching services. However, these sites may offer a limited range of switching options and may not provide prices for all energy retailers participating in the market.