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Do not call register

Further information:

The Commonwealth Government has set up a 'do not call' register which gives you a choice about whether to receive any telemarketing calls at home. Energy telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the register for 31 days. You can register your home phone, mobile or fax for five years on the register.

The 'do not call' register is a free service which applies to most telemarketing activity, including all energy marketers. By law, if you add your name to the register, energy marketers (other than your own supplier) will not be allowed to contact you by phone.

However, door-to-door marketers and direct mail marketing are not covered by the register. This means you may still be door-knocked or receive energy offers by mail, even if you are registered. If you don't want to be contacted by door-to-door or direct mail marketers, tell the door-to-door marketer you don't want to be contacted again by their company or call the energy supplier to tell them you don't want to receive mail or be contacted.

If an energy marketer ignores your request, or you are not happy about your dealings with a retailer, you can make a complaint with us.

To list your home, mobile or fax number on the Do Not Call Register, click here.