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Right to Information Day 2018

We're an official partner of the Right to Information Day (RTID) 2018, happening on Friday 28 September 2018.

This year’s theme is 'Trust and Transparency’, which highlights the focus on moving from the right to information principles to the practices that deliver greater openness, transparency and accountability to the public sector. Open government and proactively releasing information builds community trust in the services we deliver.

RTI is more than just a right to access government-held information: we need to release more information to the community, and in a way that makes it easy for people to access. We also remain responsible for protecting certain sensitive information from release, including personal information. You have a right to access your personal information held by government under the Information Privacy Act 2009 and you also have a right to access personal and non-personal information held by government under the Right to Information Act 2009.

The legislation defines personal information as information or as an opinion, including:

  • information or an opinion forming part of a database
  • whether true or not
  • whether recorded in a material form or not
  • about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion.

You can read more about our Right to Information approach by following this link. You can also learn more by visiting the Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland website.