The Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ) is a free, fair and independent dispute resolution service for unresolved complaints with your electricity, gas or water supplier. Before you contact EWOQ with your complaint, you must first try to resolve the problem with your electricty, gas or water company.
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Payment difficulties case studies

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Pensioner receives rebate

The customer was very distraught when he rang EWOQ to advise he was due to be disconnected for non-payment of his account. He advised he had paid at the bank but was convinced the teller had "pocketed his money". EWOQ contacted the energy supplier to hold disconnection action to allow the customer time to raise the issue of the missing money with the bank and to gather proof of payment. The customer was advised by EWOQ if he could not obtain proof of payment that it could negotiate a payment plan with the energy supplier.

As a gesture of goodwill EWOQ contacted the bank on behalf of the customer but no proof of payment could be found. After contacting the customer it was determined he was a single parent with a young baby who had recently lost his wife. During discussions with the customer about payment options it was determined he was not receiving a pensioner rebate. The energy supplier agreed to give the customer a pensioner rebate and to backdate it to when he had commenced the pension resulting in only a fraction of the amount outstanding.